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You explore planets in other galaxies. Observe the beautiful cosmic landscapes (you will see planets, stars and constellations, spacecrafts and orbital stations). Explore the new world by overcoming obstacles between two planetary bases. Moving through various abysses, volcanoes, lava or acid streams, transforming your space rover. Use tracks to move on aggressive surfaces, ion engines to fly across abysses and big wheels to move on hard surfaces. Choose the optimal driving mode, because the energy consumption in all modes is different. And don't forget that the rover only charges when the solar panel is open.

Space Rover is a Sci-fi 2D Side-Scrolling Runner. Space game with unusual gameplay, original design, atmospheric music, and easy control.

Features: • Unique game mechanic
• Old School 2D Side-Scrolling three-position Runner
• Easy control by swipes
• The Original beautiful design of each level
• Cyberpunk translucent interface design
• Awesome space music
• High score rating by Play Games Leaderboard
• HD graphics

Play now and explore other planets on your super cool rover!!!

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Tags2D, Runner, Sci-fi, Side Scroller, Space

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